Whether you’re going out with your friends, your spouse, or special someone, make sure to leave an impression, in a good way!

Sensuous textures like velvet are the current rage.  This skirt in red velvet with fringed hem is not only romantic it draws attention.

Sexy doesn’t have to be scandalous, it can be sassy to expose a little skin.

You don’t always have to go shopping for a special occasion.   Wearing your favourite items from your closet will have you glowing with confidence which is always sexy.

Add a bold lip in your favorite red or go nude (still referring to lipstick ladies).

And don’t forget the most important person to love is yourself!

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  1. Don Werner says: Reply

    Extraordinary! Tres chic

    1. kelly says: Reply

      Thank you! Glad you enjoyed reading it. Check back for more style tips and fashion inspiration.

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