Animal prints are hot for fall but that is not anything new.  Everything from leopard and snake prints to tiger and zebra stripes; these patterns are classics that never really go out of style. In fashion’s fiercest closet’s, animal prints are staples and can be found in the form of pants, blazers and sunglasses. While more classic closet’s may showcase these prints in a sheath dress, button-down blouse, or a pair of shoes.

I first dabbled with animal prints in my 20’s with a pair of faux fur leopard print platforms.  I became slightly more adventurous adding a green leopard print sweater by Rebecca Taylor a few years later. And I can’t forget the vintage snake print boots I found at Ver_Unica here in SF that were my exact size.  Talk about a find!  Back then I wore one of these items with tamed down basics like denim or black.


What is new this fall is how these wild prints are paired.  Designers upped their game for the season with bold colors including neon and fun textures such as tiger print satin.  On the runways, leopard and zebra were mixed to add a playful touch to these otherwise classic prints.  Unlike trends of the past, you can be sure to see animal prints covering everything this fall. From heads with faux fur hats, hands with printed gloves to legs with leopard tights and coats with tiger stripes.  You can be sure to see it all at one time, in one look.


Interested in trying this trend and not sure where to start? As with anything, follow your instincts.  Add some spots to preppy or conservative styles with a leopard print shoe or tee in neutral tones.  Interested in taking it to the edge? Try an over the knee snake print boot. And if you want to go big, don’t be afraid to combine patterns and prints to style your look from head-to-toe.


Earlier this year I tapped into my inner wild child and splurged on this leopard print pant suit with matching bomber jacket that I picked up at the Vivienne Westwood sample sale. I believe in investing in quality pieces that will last. This is an ensemble I would wear it every day if I could.  I l

ove the colors and the print itself; magnified and slightly more graphic. Oh and of course the fit. When I put on the pants, they fit perfectly like they were made for me which NEVER happens. Right? I’m not just talking about the waist. I mean they fell at the right place on my hips AND were the right length for my 5’4″ frame.

At that point I knew they were coming home but not without the matching bomber jacket.  After all, it does say CHAOS in big bold red letters across the back.  Since having kids, I feel like chaos pretty much defines my life with three boys. Yes, that’s including my husband. He’s not as big of a fan of my edgier ensembles like the little guys are.  But in all honesty, I don’t dress for him. I wear what I feel comfortable in. I truly believe a great outfit can be mood enhancing, inspiring and even empowering.


On the hunt for a zebra print blouse or a classic leopard blazer? I’ve rounded up some of the best pieces for fall that will out last the trend and the season.

A little pop of python with all black to keep it subtle or

make a statement with a red pant.


With this statement coat, whatever is underneath

is a second thought.

Great with jeans and trainers or

the daring addition of the skirt below


Keep it simple with a black or white sweater


Toss on with a black pencil skirt or pink pants


Add a simple black sandal or white booties.


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