When I think of Summer I think of warm weather, crystalline pools, sunshine and long days spent at the beach in swimwear.  So finding swimwear that is flattering and doesn’t rise or fall like the tide is most important for me.  Just because the temperature is rising, it doesn’t mean your swimsuit has to. When deciding on a swimsuit, I want to ensure my ass(ets) are covered including my less desired areas like my not so summer ready stomach.  I’d rather not expose these “work in progress” areas and this Summer’s revival of one piece swimwear and high-waisted bikini’s allows me to do so in style and with confidence.   I prefer to leave the lower cut styles to plunging necklines which allow for a hint of sexy without overexposure.  Being a mother who’s cup does not runneth over, selecting a bikini top that doesn’t slide down is critical as is making sure a one piece doesn’t gape.   Staying in place is an uncompromising feature when selecting a swimsuit because it allows me to charter my four year old, Dylan around the pool, play beach soccer and run in the tide with my boys.

With the arrival of ruffled bikini tops and flirty one piece swimsuits, this season’s swimwear can also double as bodysuits and crop tops and can easily update a casual beach look to a feminine and sexy ensemble by adding a skirt, linen pants, or shorts.  Maximizing your swimwear while when traveling not only lessons the number of items for packing and saves money, it also allows for spontaneity to move from the beach or pool to dining, drinks with friends, or evening exploring in a new town.

Ultimately finding a swimsuit that meets your needs whether they be lounging in the sun, retreating from the Summer heat in the pool, or riding waves for the first time, is key.  I buy one somewhat expensive statement suit for travel and lounging by the pool that will last me at least three or more years making the investment worth it.  I also like to have one or two more moderate priced suits that will likely have to be updated  sooner when the color fades or the elastic wears out due to chlorine and salt water.  Find what works for you and makes you feel comfortable and confident.  Here are my top ten swimwear picks for summer.











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