There was once a time when I didn’t purchase dresses when expanding my wardrobe.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the way a beautiful dress reconnects me with my sometimes forgotten feminine side.  But standing in front of my closet one day, I realized, the small space was dominated by dresses; day dresses, office dresses, maxi and mini dresses.  My closet was filled wall to wall with dresses and at one point I began to feel my creative expression that fashion offers was limited.  I like the variety and creativity separates offer and how they allowed me to maximize my wardrobe during a time where I had a more limiting budget.  And yet there is something a dress can provide that separates do not; a quick and effortless approach to style especially if you are short on time like I am most mornings when ushering two boys out of the house in every attempt not to be late.  My husband will be the first to tell you, I’m always late, but of course fashionably.

This season when clocks were sprung forward losing that hour in the morning, I became more than happy to grab a ruffled floral dress like the one by Cynthia Rowley you see me in here, pair it with the perfect heels, some accessories and dash out the door.  This season’s dress offering in floral prints, polka dots and vibrant hues gives me another excuse to add these beauties back into my closet.  Below are my favorite dresses for spring that you are sure to love and want to wear beyond the season.


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