NYFW Fall 2019 – Fashion Found Beyond the Runway

Checking my phone for fashion week
creative accessories enhance an outfit

New York Fashion Week is underway with the industry’s top designers presenting their 2019 Fall collections on the runway today through February 13th. Find schedule details here.

I first heard of Fashion Week as a little girl, and ever since, I have wanted to attend. Last September I was scheduled to be New York and my trip randomly coincided with Fashion Week. Beyond excited and ready to capitalize on this coincidence, I had every outfit planned with tickets to attend Marc Jacobs, contacts for the Blonds show and more. But alas, I wasn’t able to go. My then 4 year old caught pneumonia and I cancelled my trip. Although heartbroken, there is no way I could leave my baby even in the caring arms of his father, knowing he’s sick. It’s the only time in my life fashion isn’t important; family always comes first.

Unusual lemon clutch
Real people faux fur
Jacket – heurueh Skirt – Hunter Bell Mules – Sophia Webster
Close up of faux fur jacket

Yet I question if over the years, NYFW has been blown up beyond expectation. Since it’s inception as “Press Week” in 1943 when American designers were unable to travel to Paris due to the war, the event has long been a coveted invite only grand production. Fast forward to modern day, consumerist America where tickets can now be purchased (for a hefty price mind you), which makes the once highly coveted event more accessible (to those who can afford it) and those who dare try crashing the shows. Regardless, it is my goal to attend the upcoming September shows.

As exhilarating as I image watching the shows live must be; music filing every inch of available space, immaculate stages erected as a backdrop to top models doing their thing on the catwalk, I am always excited to see what it is those who are fortunate enough to attend, actually decide to wear. It is the street style fashions that have influenced designers with their no limits blending of colors and prints and their creativity to wear pieces beyond their intended use.

Check out some of the street style captured at the recent shows. Can you spot the trends?

the fashion guitar attending Tom Ford at NYFW
The Fashion Guitar photo : sabrina fenster
Influencer power houses at NYFW
@ galagonzalez / @thefashionguitar / @galagonzalez


black and white details are on trend at NYFW
photo : matthew sperzel
Color blocking in black and white. Keri Fay is fierce at NYFW
Caroline Daur keeping it simple in black and white at NYFW
Caroline Daur


pastel suit with vibrant tie dye at NYFW
photo : christian vierig
Neon orange and cream and unexpected fashion combination @ NYFW
photo : timur emek
Fashion print mixing at its best with Fendi and Richard Quinn
photo : timur emek

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