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Growing up, I had less than an affinity for plaid.  I attended Catholic elementary school where we were required to wear a uniform.  A rebellious child, I didn’t like being told what to (I still don’t).  Styling my outfits was an emotional outlet for me. Therefore, being restricted to a uniform and unable to express myself in the only way I knew how as a shy young girl, made me mad.  As a result, I painted my nails in bright bold colors in silent protest.  I mean, imagine wearing a forest green, red and white Tartan split bib jumper with a white button down shirt and knife pleat skirt everyday for 8 years!  I’m sure I am not the only one who deems this cruel and unusual punishment.  Looking back now, I can definitively say this was my first heart break.

Today with my love of fashion in full affect, I wouldn’t say I am mad for plaid but I have grown to appreciate it.  I even doubled the number of plaid pieces I own (two scarves) adding this playful skirt and blazer.  A carryover from Spring; Don’t tell me you have already forgotten about the gingham craze? Plaid is in everywhere this fall and practically every brand has played with it.  With daring designers (think Prada, Balenciaga and Tanya Taylor) creating unexpected pairings this fall’s, plaid looks are anything but traditional. Even Burberry added rainbow to the mix of their coveted check prints making a bold statement with not only color but also in support of the LGBTQ community.

With options varying in color, pleats and check size, there’s sure to be something to match your style


Start small with an accessory.  One of my first plaid items I still have; no not my jumper.  I burned that years ago,  is a chic black and white plaid scarf from Banana Republic.  Its soft, chic and goes with everything.  I love pairing it with any mono chromatic look for just a touch of pattern.   A scarf is a great way to test this trend without investing a lot of money.








We’ve all seen the top influencers in the plaid Tibi pant suit.  Lisa Aiken, fashion director at Net-a-Porter, Brittany Xavier and Charlotte Groeneveld of the Fashion Guitar are certainly fans.  What are you waiting for? Find a classic silhouette in plaid and rock it.




(Now if my jumper had looked like this, I would have never complained)





If you find a piece you can’t stop thinking about and can envision yourself wearing it multiple ways then its worth investing in.  These are the pieces you fall in love with.  The ones you pull out of your closet time and time again.  Its these pieces you will wear season after season because they aren’t your ordinary fashions. They don’t simply subscribe to a trend.  Like you, they are something special, something a little different that stands out in a crowd and make people take notice.


Calvin Klein 205W39nyc



Dice Kayak






Rotate by BirgeChristensen

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