IN LIVING COLOR – How to Add Color to Your Wardrobe






Anyone who knows me, knows my wardrobe is as color-full as my personality. When I hear women describe their wardrobe most say they need to add more color.  I’m the opposite, I would say the color most lacking in my closet is black and second runner up is grey.  Black is always chic and color, well it brings people to life.  I have a lime green vintage Versace cocktail dress, an neon motorcycle jacket, a fuchsia pant suit; basically every color in the rainbow and variations of them.  I mean, I married my forever man in a strapless red silk Carolina Herrera gown. Yes, you read that correctly, RED!

You don’t have to go overboard.  I’m not suggestion dressing like a rainbow, though I know some people who do and certainly pull it off.  If you’re an all black ensemble kind of gal, start small and add a pop of color with an accessory like a belt, bag, shoes or jewelry.  Once your comfortable with a little splash and are ready to make more of an impact, add some color with a t-shirt or blouse allowing it to peek out of a blazer.  Another easy way to add color is by selecting one piece with multiple colors like a skirt or top and pairing it with white or black.

When pairing colors for an outfit there is no right and wrong though there are things to consider.  Make sure to select hues that compliment your skin tone.  The wrong shade of pink, cream, nude, brown or beige can wash you out having a dull affect.  Colors can also highlight other attributes.  A burgundy dress can highlight green eyes. Red can accentuate the natural pigments in your lips and checks.

Ready to go bold? Make a head turning statement with neon when it pops up this fall.

Green Pants : Etro – similar here  Top : House of Petra Zillia – similar here   Shoes : Aquazzura Fire pumps   Clutch : Sondra Roberts 

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