Street smiles







I did it! I have talked ad nauseum about creating this space, a place where I can express my creativity and sense of self though fashion; a place where I can reconnect with the writer inside me and escape from some of life’s monotony. I have had my domain now for over a year! I would get inspired by and sucked into other blogs, you know the ones like the super stylish Charlotte Groeneveld’s The Fashion Guitar and the insouciant Camille Charriere Over the Rainbow with her nonchalant take on fashion,  only to have a not so little voice inside my head instill fear to the point of paralysis. The voice that piercingly screamed “it’s already been done”, the voice that vociferously assaulted my brain “it’s not good enough, you’re not good enough”. Little did I know that the words on this Zara sweatshirt in my favorite colour green would be the inspiration I needed to finally press launch.  And so with this post, I am silencing that voice and overcoming my fear of failure and putting myself out there for all the world (okay lets be honest maybe 20 people, at first) to see. I am chasing my dream to create the life I desire and become a living example for my two young boys showing them that anything is possible with passion, hard work and determination. 


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